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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Youth need better models

This is in reference to the article entitled “Selena drops Promise Ring for Justin Bieber” (Goa’s Heartbeat, Tues 28 Dec). Firstly, I felt that it was a private matter that should not be made public by the paparazzi as it was.
Today youth need good role models. If adults in their world behave appropriately, I am certain that the youth will exemplify them. We see even parents indulging in wrong sexual behaviour. Peer pressure also adds to many teenagers experimenting, and then getting addicted to sex.
I am sure Selena’s parents had the best interests of their child when they upheld her as a ‘good example for other kids’.
Selena Gomez is a good role model for youth and I only hope she continues to be so. Chastity is a virtue seldom practiced by youth these days so it is refreshing to see a popular figure uphold this holy virtue voluntarily as she does. Offering chastity instead of contraception should be the societal norm.

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